Continuous connection

We crave communication. We crave connections.
Have we become saturated in communication? The fact that I am discussing this in a blog is rather ironic, I know.

When I turn on my computer the first thing I do is check to see if I have new email, then I check for friends on IM and message boards. If I feel I am alone, I am often disappointed. What is it about this connection that is so satisfying? I think it has to do with our culture of instant gratification. I can instantly feel less lonely if I know that a peer is out there somewhere engaging in the same type of activity as me. My existence is somehow validated when I get a response.

I think that this need for constant communication has become unhealthy. I deprives us of our ability to, as we did when we were kids, entertain ourselves and be creative. When was the last time you sketched something on a piece of paper? When was the last time you just sat in a chair without the tv on? When was the last time you went an entire day w/o speaking to someone else?

Constant communication is unhealthy because it robs us of our self. It forces us to make decisions in front of others, rather than in private. We are all affected by our surroundings and unconsciously alter our internal dialogue to fit the situation.

I am going to start a practice of giving myself more time to find myself. Meditation, long walks, reading books, etc. There is no need to feel sorry for yourself when you are alone. You are lucky to have that time. Embrace it.

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