in the garage

I seem to relish the process of setting up the ability to create. I love creating an environment where productive things can happen. I have studio in my basement for my band to record in. I love tearing everything apart and re-wiring it all with the goal of cleaning and organizing and the side benefit of gaining a greater understanding of how everything works.
This past weekend, I took on the task of re-organizing my garage. Before I knew it, the entire contents of my meager one car garage had erupted into the drive way. Old curtain rods, lumber, old tires, tools, failed projects, half finished projects, future projects, a lawn mower, buckets, garbage cans, jugs of motor oil, and enough random stuff to fill an isle at ax-man surplus. This is the kind project that you find yourself in the middle of before you realize it. 4 hours into it, I had 12 hours to go, not to mention a trip to home depot and several hours of standing around scratching my head.
My garage is now a hung, wrapped, stacked, and shop-vac clean.

Where is the motivation to build that bird house?

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