short sun, long days

The days at work are still long. The nights alone are too short for my taste. I would much rather have the time to build a new coffee table or finish the bathroom than get home at 9 and pass out. Even so, the work is satisfying, the days are full, and my business cards are fresh. The dog loves me that much more when I'm home and I think he likes the house to himself anyhow.

The band gets mad but I'm still our #1 fan. The girl gets upset but she understands that I love it. The family just thinks I have the coolest job ever cuz that's what they hear from me.

I find the time to relax. It comes in large chunks of slothitude and sleep. I manage to keep the house clean because the only one here long enough to dirty it is the pooch.

If you see me out, I roll as a manic mess. Daytime=brain time, night-time=unravel, sleep=regroup. Rinse, repeat.