Crossing Over

I use the google homepage and have a horoscope feed on it. While today's was timely and on point, horoscopes that match my current situation are always a little depressing to me. I know there is no magical wisdom behind them. When one seems to sync up with my daily life I remember that thousands of people are reading this and thinking the same thing I am. "OMG! Honey, read this! I DO hate my job!!! No one recognizes me at work! I wish I could always work by myself." I start to feel like my situation is not so unique at all.

"Problems may arise over the next few weeks from your desire for concrete production, but of course, it's not your extra effort that creates the situation. Your dilemma stems from the lack of recognition you receive, especially if you are employed by another person. You just don't feel like playing on a team right now, and if there is any way for you to work by yourself, just do it.
Tuesday, January 16, 2007"

Now, of course I understand that my situation is not unique. Most people drag themselves out of bed in the morning to jobs they could care less about. Some are lucky enough to like them a little every once in a while, like me. I understand that I am the target of mass produced drivel. The reason horoscopes are in every paper in the country is that people like to feel special. It's true that this piece of prose was not written for everyone, but 1/12th of everyone so to some extent that is true.

Horoscapes are written with the same tricks used by palm readers and that guy that talks to your dead relatives. Load some common human situations into a leafblower and let'er rip. I hope horoscopes help some of you out there but I can't help but feel a little less special when one hits home.

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