Learn then do. Do to learn.

I will try anything once. If I get around to it a second or third time, I usually invest in the tools to make it easier. This applies to sports, hobbies, and fix-up work.

I usually rationalize the purchase of a new tool by comparing the cost of the tool to the cost of the finished pre-made object the tool helps me create. For example, a pot rack would cost about $300. A cutoff saw and welder comes to about $400. I will gladly pay the extra $100 to own the tools and learn a new skill. I take little account of the time involved in learning how to use the new tool.

This course of thinking has filled my shop with tools, my home with priceless handmade enhancements, and my head with unfinished projects.

If this is a flawed way of thinking, so be it. I love tools and chicks dig guys with skills. Right, Marie?

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Reetsyburger said...

I dig you immensely.
You are my top dig.