My dog

I have owned Lakota for 8 years. How he came to be my dog is a long story. I was not prepared to be a dog owner.

Lakota is now 11. He thinks he is 2. He is full of energy and loves attention.

He has an anal sac tumor. It is small and in early stages. It has not spread and it is not known without surgery if it is malignant. His recent bloodwork indicates that he is healthy aside from the tumor. He has not developed any of the elevated calcium levels or lymph node problems associated with cancer.

His surgery will cost $900. I am not made of money.
With surgery, he may gain a few years. I will feel like I did right by my friend.
Without surgery, he may have life threatening tumor growth in less than 6 months. I will feel like I have given up on him.

Fug, this is hard.

Please, if you have ever been faced with a similar situation let me know how you made amends.

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