Ants are brilliant creatures. They work together to accomplish great things that help their entire community. We can learn a lot from ants when we are interested in learning about teamwork.

We can also learn a lot from them by analyzing their faults. For example, when ants get lost or confused they revert ot one simple rule, "Follow the guy in front of you". Often this logic fails the ant. What happens is that you end up with a large circle of ants, marching, each following the ant in front of them, until they die.

Don't be an ant.



When your brain is overwhelmed with things to keep track of, science has proven that we make increasingly emotional choices.

You are trying very hard to remember a 7 digit number when someone offers you a choice of snacks. One is a yummy chocolate cake, the other is tasty and healthy fruit salad. You are 30% more likely to succumb to you MMMCAKE reflex.

If you are trying to remember a simple 2 digit number when faced with the same choice, you will come to a much more rational decision. Most people will choose the fruit.

I learned this listening to NC's Radiolab and it got me thinking...

At any point in the day, you could describe my state as "recently distracted". I tend to juggle lots of thoughts and plans. How often does this mental state lead me to choose the metaphorical cake?

mmmmmmm cake.